G1 Patches


Here is a revised Roland TR-808 Drum Machine for the Nord Modular G1. It includes almost all the sounds with found in the TR-808 created with controllability and low CPU in mind, totalling only three patches.

There is however, instead of the normal ClsdHihat, OpenHihat and CYmbal, a singal patch dealing with these metal sounds. All three of the sounds use the same square waves and so with little adjutsments pretty much all three of these sounds can be made. The metal sounds are by far the hardest to recreate in the Nord Modular, with this being perhaps the closest and most useable so far…depending on your taste ofcourse.

If you use it, modify it, record something with it, I would love to hear about it.


To hear these patches being used check out this upload.


Based on the Roland TB-303 Baseline. A very hard one to emulate and this fails. Its probably more suituable for bass than squelch, but very useable and has some interesting patching. Worth a look.


Based on the Roland TR-606 Drumatix, the kid sister to the TB-303 and probably my favourite machine. This includes, combos of bd-lt-ht, bd-sd-lt-ht, cy-oh-ch and cy sounds. Same variations in patching on the toms, a beter emulation being without the snare, and cheap one comes with a snare. Hats are a tough one, but they sound ok.


Based on the Roland TR-808. These patches are a joy to use, yeah, very pleased with these, check them out.


Losely based on the Roland TR-909. The clap is interesting… yeah, don’t get too excited. Save up and buy one is all I am going to say.

If you use them, credit me, tell people were you got them so they can use them too. Also if you want to send me variations of the patches to put up on this site, lets do it.