September 13th, 2016

808 Jam 2

Today’s upload, although a touch more experimental than the previous, is still playing with the Transition Revoloution 808 sounds, having that slight 90’s electronic feel to it. I suppose a classic sound is almost guaranteed when using such iconic sounds, although perhaps iconic sounds used in less iconic ways yeilds something worth exploring.


Much of that classic iconic sound comes from the machines sequencing, tweakability and interaction with buttons, dials and settings. I’d even say the look of a the machine goes a long way into ensuring the user falls inline with iconic methods.

It has been interesting seeing the reactions for the recent reveal of the latest incarnation of Rolands classic machines, specifically with the TR-09, and although this version comes with less green which is surely a good thing, it does come at a size that perhaps challenges its rather appealing price.

Words such as “Roland have done it again” have been circulating, and largely speaking I agree, although I am not entirely sure I see it from the same perspective. The design of the TR-09 is questionable and clearly a result of them building to the predefinied chasis of the whole boutique range, with its spaciously placed buttons on the left leaving the rest of the controls crammed into what’s left.

However, this crammed and cheap chasis seating the new software driven 909 tech did strike me as interesting, and reminded me of the many machines that have quirks and annoyances in their original build and design. How often those compromises defined the users creative output, contrubuted to style and often sub-genre after sub-genre after sub-genre.

Along with its closely placed dials, the TR-09 has only a single audio output, which I have to say is quite appealing. Perhaps a single output beckons a period of all very dry or very wet drum signals as apposed to the finely crafted and arguably overly-mixed-to-dull-perfection we are often exposed to these days. Perhaps a 909 driving the hell out of fx, only to be then given a dry singal shortly after, perhaps that is a more refreshing structual shift than a well balanced reverberant clap, hat or kick drum.

I have to say, although it is compromised in its design it additonally instills a reference to older machines flaws too, and what with there being not a Tron green in sight and a sweet sound to boot, it is making my wallet itch.

Let’s see what September brings, but until then, enjoy todays sounds.