September 9th, 2016

808 Jam

Todays upload is a bit of a studio jam, mainly getting my ear in, the fun before the work, and also experimenting with syncing to the laptop from Cubase. Despite what some might say, midi on a laptop is dire compared to the Atari, as is pretty much everything in a laptop really. Don’t get me wrong, I love working in the computer, but it doesn’t come without it’s fair share of issues, and generally ones that can’t be exploited, or at least, I have yet to find many ways.


This jam consists of the Transistor Revolution samples of the TR-808 and TR909, although I am only using the 808 here, and not many of them.

As someone who owned an 808 years ago, I have always preferred the sound of them in the sampler over the real thing, although the speed of use and the indivual outputs alway being the biggest win over the Akai S2800 with it’s compromising 4 outputs. Still, rarely do I use more than a handful of sounds anyway, so 4 outputs does just about fine.

The sampling of these machines also adds that extra tweakability, pitching, filter, tightening with the envelope etc. One thing that was an issue, was the machine gun style quality of the sample, most noticable on sounds through reverb sounding the same, athough there are ways to combat that, but ultimately those hats, it’s all about the hats. I like the machine gun quality of a repeating sound, but what the Transistor Revolution offers is the option to use round robins to pick from many samples seemingly identical. The Transistor Revolution is pretty amazing, if a little glitchy…computers…and being a sample, well, you can’t get closer to the real thing than a sample, add to the fact that most music back in that era would have also used samples as that was a period more people tried a bit harder to do something new and interesting. Still, much of what is under the banner of what was once an idetifying genre, is now more a social tag come new pop industry. It’s popular after all.

More of the same, enjoy.