July 14th, 2016

Reaktor reaction

Recently I bought the latest version of the software Reaktor, and very good it is too. It seems I was probably later to the game than others, and perhaps this has been due to NI taking a rather grinding approach with some aspects of their marketing in the past. “Do you wanna make dope beatz…with machine?”.

However, their new direction seems to fit closer to my taste or perhps it’s I haven’t seen an annoying commercial recently, but with a clearly inspired software development angle, with a focus on ever deeper levels of play and experimentation, and cleaner interface, and the new Blocks Wired thrown in, well, it’s excellent value and sounds pretty special too.


The very useable and analogue sound of Blocks Wired, with it’s huge range of Blocks consisting of some excellent sounding filters and oscillators, partnered with its endless routing possibilties comparable to the Nord Modular, Audio Mulch, Bidule, Max etc makes it for very handy in the studio for both quick sketches or more complex modulation and connecting. It’s definitely a win for me, and for someone still using the Atari STE, that’s a nice win to be on the receiving end of.

I did have some issues with my soundcard, but then what software does play well with some Motu’s these days. One of the main reasons to purchase Reaktor, as odd as it might seem, was to be able to quickly route my soundcard and record out whatever I am playing, be it internal, external from the mix or a combination of both. Reaktor includes a very hady Tape Recorder right there in the main screen, which takes me right back to Audio Mulch ease. Annoyingly though for me, this glitches on record when using the Motu, which is typical. A quick work around using Motu’s own free AudioDesk DAW is doable but for someone like myself who dislikes having tons of software open on my computer when making music, it’s not ideal, but not NI fault, this one sits at the feet of Motu.

Today’s upload is a sketch I did a few weeks ago whilst in the midst of web design and coding choas, and perhaps that is why this sounds the way it does. A manic Robert Hood-esque interlaced 101 style pattern, moving through some scratchy filtering and horrible distortion on the reverb, reminding me of those days RDJ didn’t care so much for his funky production and made excellent tracks instead, such as Tamphex.

Actually, don’t bother listening to my upload, just listen to Tamphex at the link above, it’s obviously much better. “Why stop when the period starts” :)