July 13th, 2016

Mother of all bass

The Moog Mother 32 is a machine that seems able to insist on the turning of its frequency dial. “Sweep me up and down”, “mouth my frequency”. Resist, resist.

Other notable machines that cause similar traits of insiting on how they are used, are iconic machines such as the TB-303, TR-909, TR-808 the SH-101 and the list goes on.


The Moog world of synthesis is one that I have had little experience or interest in when coming to my own music making. This is arguably due to never having used a Moog, or perhaps being able to afford anything branding the Moog logo. So when Moog began presenting a more affordable range of synthesizers, it’s not unreasonable to think my interest would grow. It didn’t.

When Moog annouced their Moog Mother 32, presenting a collection of beautiful demonstrations, something changed.

I am still working out what exactly changed for me from not being interested to owning a Mother 32, but I believe it is based on those key decisions made by a company in the production and marketing of a synth. The videos linked above are one such example, but also what specifically is on offer, how much or in my case, how little are aspects that I think sway me to click buy, or my wife to click buy as in the case of the Mothers :)

The Moog Mother 32 has just enough patching and sonic capabilities to keep you wanting more, and ensures a level of statisfaction that makes it both a joy and a challenge to work with.

The sequencer, although not immediately intuiative for a lazy type like me, does begin to make sense the more you play. Although the manual is incredibly clear, it’s playing that really helps with almost every aspect of this synth.

Today’s upload was a result of lots of exporation before settling on something very basic, tweaking that frequency dial like it wants me to. Although it could have easily gone into screaming frequency sweeping… that ain’t my thing. Manic frequency dial tweaking always sounds like lead guitarist solo-syndrome to me, and that’s not good or everyone except the man in the mirror.