June 29th, 2016

Kawai K1 Power

Today’s upload is from the Kawai K1 running through some reverb on the DP4. The K1 might be a poor mans Korg M1 to some, but an amazing synth for anyone who has dug into the editing. Those waves are extreme.


I remember owning a Kawai K1 back when I was a kid, my older brother kindly gave it to me. I must have been barely in my early teens, and generally back then editing was pretty confusing. I understood some basics but rarely could understand what I had done when getting something good, which wasn’t often.

Much like most young kids with a keyboard at their finger-tips, I would spend most of my time playing it, mostly pads and repeated notes. I think even then John Carpenter was probably in my mind from enjoying various horror films I was lucky enough to watch with my older brother.

Alas, the synth didn’t stay long in my possession, mere weeks it seemed. It was replaced with an Amiga 500, again from my brother, who attempted to convince that this was always the deal. It wasn’t, but who was I to complain.