June 27th, 2016

Mother 32 x2

Today’s upload is subtle shifting bass and resonant pulsation coming from two Moog Mother 32’s.

After hours of patching and exploring ways in getting them synced, I ended up pulling out all the patch cords and creating something basic that simply sounded ok.


Complex patching or programming that sounds not nearly as interesting as it looks, is one of the biggest banes of modular synthesis and similar music making approaches. It is very easy to get lost in visual and conceptual complexity, and miss what sounds good.

There is the obvious desire to understand how something works, and the want to record something, but I find this is often based more out of a sense of acheivement, than it sounding good. Overtime I find that odd parts, abstract sounds, nothing substantial is recorded, and it becomes hard to recall or appreciate what has been learned over this time, possibly through the lack of not being able to listen back to good things.

To try and combat that feeling of slow pogress, or nothign to show when learning, I have been trying to remember to split my studio time into more parts, or at the very least be sure that in some form every part gets a slot. After long periods of time exerimenting, I find it’s worth recording something that is less a representation of what was being experimented with, and more something that is a result of studio time in general.

Overtime, recordings build up, tracks have been made, progress has been documented, without that feeling of nothing good to show for it.