June 23rd, 2016

Colliding patterns

Today’s upload is experimenting with patterns, drum sounds and fx, as much of what I do is. This one comes with a little bit of jamming on the desk, although only a small Mackie I am borrowing while I wait for the Soundcraft PSU to be fixed. The Mackie has dials instead of sliders, which I struggle with, but it’s yeilding some interesting results having limitations such as this.


The patterns are coming from Supercollider, which is driving the Akai sampler full of 808 sounds, and the 101 is used just for that extra bass kick. Fx are, as always, the DP4.

There isn’t much going on, and nor should there be honestly, but I did find something interesting while recording this, as is often the case, so hopefully it is interesting to hear how that all comes together.