June 22nd, 2016


Although I am still learning the role of mono-log and my uploads, one thing is for certain, it is constantly keeping me in check. It stands as a constant reminder to get into the studio and create more, and to do that I need to be rested, to eat well, to organise my day and prioritse.

It’s been exactly a week since I last managed to share an upload, and although in many ways this is not a major failing, the fact that a week has gone by without my creating something I feel I want to share, really bugs the hell out of me.

Part of the annoyance is allowing things to get in the way, that brain illness that spreads deep into the mind that changes perspective, changes sound, changes direction, changes focus.

I don’t think I have had the pleasure to meet someone who actually gets visibly agitated if not spending time making music, although I do remember reading artists when on long tours get crazy, always performing and never creating.

I have yet to really understand this fully, if that is at all possible, but can only relate it to something like eating or sleeping. The body eventually puts its hands up and says “food, sleep, now!”. Interestingly, I find food is something I forget about when in the studio until borderline dizzy, and sleep is something that always gets priority over studio time. I need to be fully rested or I simply can’t be bothered to do anything, and I find not being able to do anything really frustrating.

Today’s upload is something I found while stumbling through some archives while in the studio today. I recall this was made during my time trying to recreate a famous acid line in an early Plastikman track, and combining it in feel to another artist I was influenced by back in the early to mid 90’s, none other than Aphex Twin, who, it has to be said, rarely gets mentioned on here.

Given his recent release, a result of digging through his own archives (lazy bastard), it seems fitting to do the same.

On a side note, if you have yet to watch his latest video filmed in Dublin, Ireland, do check it out, certainly one for fans of Shane Meadows or perhaps Mike Leigh.