June 5th, 2016


Axoloti is a very small and affordable (only €65 for the core) software/hardware modular system that shares many similarities to the Clavia Nord Modular G1 and G2 systems.


The main difference between the Nord Modular and Axoloti is the latter is far more open, allowing your own objects and scripts to be written in C++. I have only really starting looking into this and have yet to get a system myself, so you can find out more on the comparison page at the Axoloti website.

Much like the Nord Modular environment, the softare can run away from the hardware, although not producing any sound itself. Also the hardware can run separated from the software, although unlike the Nord Modular, no dials or button are installed, you would have to add these all yourself, even the casing is not included.

I created a patch without hearing it, and emailed it to latest SM-LL artist Vialan to test out on his Axoloti. This morning I just received back the results with his own much needed tweaks and it’s sounding pretty good.

Vialan doesn’t know I am uploading this today so, hello Vialan, excellent sounds from you as always.