June 3rd, 2016

Akiko fun

A bit of a fun upload today, although they are always fun this one was especially fun as it is me and Lucia in the studio together at the same time, which rarely happens.


Generally speaking when me and Lucia work together it’s seperately and in turn, normally with some back and forth inbetween. The reason it changed today was we were both relaxing listening to Akiko Kiyama, something we haven’t listened to in a while, and the discussion led to us deciding to hit the studio there and then and make some techno together, something we have never done before. Although it’s far from finished, if it ever will be, we thought we would share the results anyway.

Lots of 808 boingy toms, reminiscent of early Plastikman and Akiko herself, but not as good as either haha. Enjoy.