June 1st, 2016

Simple dub revisited

Back in 2002 when Chris Willits released his excellent Folding, And The Tea on 12k, I started exploring dividing loopable sounds into equal sections.


I had already been using granular software back since Granulab and Granny 8, which you can create excellent rhythmical patterns and sounds in it, and had already been using sample edits to create patterns within sound, clicks and simple things, but Chris Willits presented to me a whole new way of thinking about editing sound and patterns.

Folding, And The Tea continues to be a reference point for me, not only in dealing with sound editing, but as a reminder of constantly thinking of interesting ways to consider sounds role in making music and even what music can be.

Folding, And The Tea showed it can be both abstract and incredibly musical, which really is the two farthest ends of the same scale.

Today’s upload revisits a similar approach, and one I explored to great lenghts in Max/MSP back in 2002 shortly after Folding, And The Tea was released, but this time in Supercollider.

I am using a older track as the sound source, one you might recognise. I think the sound sits somewhere between Willits and perhaps Full Swing Edits, a release I have mentioned on this blog many times.