May 26th, 2016

pulse compare

Tonights upload ended up being a bit of a jammed conclusion to a difficult sound comparison exploration between the Moog Mother 32 and the now classic Nord Modular G1.


I will definitely explore this comparison more in the future, and will probably present my findings in a more A-B fashion than todays jam. I had hoped the patching of the Nord Modular wouldn’t have needed to be all that disimilar to the Mother 32, but as this particular patch relied heavily on a combined pulsewave and sawtooth passed through a resonant filter, I couldn’t quite get the balance exactly right, and have the filter behave in the same manor on both. The Nord Modular seemingly a little harder to hone, without some patching trickery.

However, this trickery is definitely one of the Nord Modular G1 strengths over any other hardware modular setup. the ease at which a tweak here and tweak there is only limited by CPU, and not by space or spending a fair lump of cash.

There is also definitely a sharpness in the Moog Mother 32, an edge to the waveforms that isn’t in the Nord Modular. I would even say the Nord Rack 2 is sharper and more “analog sounding” than the Modular. This sharpness was certainly a consideration when working on the recent Reloc release, which todays upload probably sits closest, albiet a little more erratic or clumsy, probably due to my needing to be in a skype meeting and not playing in the studio.

I was late.