May 24th, 2016


It’s back and it’s blue.


The first upload of what I promise to be daily uploads once again, comes from some studio experiments with the Moog Mother 32 and a Motu soundcard reverb, which I have to say has a certain quality I find very useable.

This is just one Mother 32 playing a basic patch and, as is often the case, I find yields more interesting results than some complex patches tend to, in my opinion.

I find the Moog Mother 32 incredible to work with for various reasons. Yes, it has limits, and you will catch yourself wishing one more connection is possible, but the fact you can’t, it wont let you, is what makes it one of the best machines I have used in a long time. As a result of that limitation, I find I dig much deeper into the sound of this machine, seeking out those edges where interesting things tend to happen.

The process of creating changes also with the Mother 32. There is a tendency to record blocks of audio, at least for me, although to be fair this is often my process, but these does seem to be an influence on how I reflect on basic ideas, learning where some sounds or patterns are perceived as complex or balanced versus others, and yet there is always with a sense of clarity, simplicity and focus with the Mother 32 which I really appreciate. Unlike the Nord Modular G1, which has been featured heavily on previous uploads, the Mother 32 is more akin to working continuously with a single Nord patch but from the hardware and not the software. It’s both hands off and yet hands on, having a more direct and integrated feeling that the Nord Modular G1 often lacks.

I love the Nord Modular G1, and I love this new Mother 32. They are two very different machines, but with equally pleasing results. I am super impressed with the Moog Mother 32, so you can expect far more from it in subsequent uploads.

Nice to have you back, and it’s nice to be back.