January 12th, 2015

Ambient Dub Volca Sample


Today’s upload is more Korg Volca Sample, only this time I have started playing with the left and right pan to route to fx through the mixer, in this case the Roland Space Echo and ValhallaVintageVerb reverb plugin. Aslo I have started trying out the sync in with various triggers and gate outputs on the silver boxes.

The trigger output on the 606 doesn’t really behave, skipping steps on the Volca Sample as this is a different current, but the gate output on the 303 works fine. I think next time I will use the gate output on the 101.

Mainly my interest in the Korg Volca Sample was not only the amazing editability, but the fact that you can’t record into it. This means that reusing sounds is like using the preset sounds on any classic machine in a way, such as the 606 or 808. I quite like this about the Korg Volca Sample, and it means I can slowly build a set of sounds I find useable that yeild the most pleasing reuslts without getting too samey, not that I am against that either.

Today’s more ambient upload bares some similarty in sound, specifcally the chord, of yesterdays upload. I can see as I use a sound I might even start resampling them, refining them until they can be very flexibile using the built in edit controls.

Still very impressed with this box.