December 3rd, 2014

Poorly 101

I was hoping to get some SH-101 sounds for today, but it seems that slightly worrying dust in the sliders was more serious than I had thought. Seems like I already need to get this repaired… now I know why is was cheap…still, nevermind.

After giving up on the 101, for now at least, I turned to a trusty red box, the Nord Modular G1, and created something small, slightly inspired by the man himself Antti Rannisto, whose album Ääniesineitä on Taylor Deupree’s 12k label is arguably one of, if not ‘the’ release to get on the label. Get yourself a copy today, that’s all I can say.

I have a feeling Antti used a Doepfer on his album, but I could be wrong. This does remind me though, of an importance of resitrction in creating something. If you are like me, having lots of options is really destructive to creativity, as I tend to end with lots of bits that fit together but make something pretty dull. By comparison, a beautifully constructed click of kick drum sound like in the opening of Kraftwerk’s Geiger track on Radio Activity, well, I could listen to that on loop for an eternity.