January 5th, 2014

Latex Doppleganger

So after another long days work, I want to do another upload. After the third attempt, a break and some tasty rice noodles courtesy of the love Lucia, I finally got something basic that seemed ok. Quite the typical dub sound I suppose, but this is something that I would say generally I don’t do much of and wanted to explore this Prophet 5 patch a little more. Fat, thick chord sounds are really a massive joy with this patch, and it’s surprising how much a sound pulls you to a certain idea of sound in a genre or an artist.

Creating something that has similarities is often something I have been interested in, not so much the idea of ripping someone off, or wanting to be part of something, but more in the sense of finding some common interests and workings in other peoples music. I wonder if the confusion of ‘sounding like x’ is something that comes partly through everyones slightly different idea of similarity. For example, one persons idea of something could be a complete opposite of another. Or maybe where as one person thinks of genre and write towards that, another uses genre as a way to allow a listening experience to be contextualised and does very little in actively engaging or chasing in a said genre.

Personally I am probably partly the latter, but certainly don’t shy away from trying to understand another persons sound through action. I often find it amusing where artists will not see any point in wanting to sound like someone else. Although, I would have to agree, delivering something as a release that sounds like someone else is slightly unusual, obviously depending on how it is done, but that in itself has something interesting in it.

It’s a complex issue, and probably one far to mixed up to think about with much sense, considering it is nearly 1:30AM here in London. Suffice to say, I value the idea of exploring all sound creation techniques.

Actually one thing that comes to mind, is when hearing cover versions of classic tracks, and often these are created and copied in such a way that the sounds and elements all seem to be slightly off. I wonder if this is due to the person copying, is spending more time creating a similar type of sound, but not adjusting those copied sounds to work as well. To explain that a little more, for me, often the track is formed out of the sound or visa versa. A baseline is adjusted so have a certain weight on certain notes for example, so if these things are missed, the sounds actually used are better suite for something else entirely. I think what I am trying to get at, there is something of a way of copying, or understanding something, how it works, why something is the way it is, over just simply the same notes and similar sounds. You get this kind of artificial humanoid type quality, a latex doppleganger, perfect in everyday expect not skin.

Hmmm… time for sleep I think. Enjoy the upload.