January 4th, 2014

Habbits (i shoulda done some tones instead)

Another quick upload tonight, again my day seems to have slipped by. It just goes to show how much it takes to form habits sometimes, and even still creating a daily upload is not quite habit formed yet. I wonder why that is? I remember to brush my teeth each day, more than once, or make a coffee, and yet creating an upload is not as easy… perhaps it is simply that it is not as easy.

I also noticed Taylor Deupree has not started his uploads either, I believe he is working on his studio. I am quite interested if he lets it slide now the beginning of the year has passed, or if he can start having missed a few days. I always sense as humans we are dedicated to a sort of system, rounding up, starting in a new year, when really anytime we start or stop should be fine. I for one hope he does start very soon, even if it is a few tones put together on his kitchen table :)

Do it Taylor. Your tones are some of the best there are.

In-fact that is what I should have done tonight myself, instead of this weird little groove. I think I will do this in the future, a sort of get out of jail free card, if all else fails, or a bit tired… sine tones, they sound great.

A quirky sound, not great, but that is how it rolls sometimes. Lesson learned. :)