January 3rd, 2014

Simple Prophet 5 layers

A quick upload tonight as it has been a long but exciting day.

Some simple bass, chord and rhythmical layering on with the Prophet 5 based Nord Modular G1 patch. It really doesn’t compare to the actual Prophet 5, with what I have heard being extremely rewarding to the ears. What this patch does have those is immediate interesting sounds texture that make creating little ideas a joy.

It does bring to mind again the importance of characteristics in a machine, and how that forms an artist, genre and more. More and more I am starting to see companies, smaller ones, focusing on sound flexibility, quality and creating something remarkable. It is a rewarding site that is already replacing the mass markets tendency to appeal to any cheese party with more money than sense.

With the return of vinyl, quality music emerging again, rubbish music finding its home next to the latest internet trend, and amazing machines being created, things are looking pretty amazing. It’s difficult to always see it, but there are many people about these days, important people, making amazing stuff, so its possible we are approaching a golden era of great music once again.

Let us hope so.