January 1st, 2014

Reduce the noise

A new year, and the first upload of 2014 I decided would be in reference to the very first upload of 2012. A delicate, textured melodic sound inspired by the great work at 12k from their various artists.

This is one patch, playing only a few simple notes. Trying to reach some texture and quiet is always tricky with oscillators, as they tend to want to be pure and defined. Through a combination of oscillating filters, a bit of noise on the pitch, and the very use eq module, it’s not bad.

It has given me some ideas of how to create chord-like sounds through using less modules but specific filtering. I will see if that works out in another upload.

12k is apparently ending its forum, which if true would be a real shame. Maybe it will stay a little longer, I guess time will tell.

I have often thought of setting up my own forum for my label SM-LL, and the only real reason I hadn’t done so already, was I would sooner hang out at the 12k one, but I guess if that goes then I will certainly be seriously considering it. There are some great forums out there, but what I liked about the 12k one was its size. A small and familiar place, kinda like a friends house or your favourite local. I will keep you posted on any forum I set up.

Enjoy the first upload of 2014.