December 30th, 2013



Finally I have started on something I have been thinking about for a long time, and that is something inspired by the amazing music of Akira Yamaoka used in probably my all time favourite game Silent Hill 2.

I love those chords, and for a long time assumed Akira had created those chords among with all the other amazing sounds, alas he simply used many sample CDs. Read all about it at the Silent Hill Forum. Still, for me this doesn’t take anything away from what is an amazing collection of music, and what goes a long way in making Silent Hill 2 the best game of them all in my mind.

After seeing this video on youtube while looking up Ensoniq equipment, I was reminded that I must start exploring these Silent Hill style chords in the Nord G1, as of yet I have only ever done this (kind of) in the Akai. I have only scratched the surface, with tonights upload being a groovy kind of fun thing, but I will look into this further.

Also tonights upload is using the Nord in a way I mentioned yesterday, in that I am triggering some events through a midi signal, in this case a few kick drums from a specific note. It’s only a simple thing, but just playing about with this opens up the possibilities in inspiring the creative part of writing a track. Having sounds that just do their thing, influences how you play them, so lots to look forward to in playing about with that.

Also, I heard recently Taylor Deupree is doing something yet again for a once a day project in 2014. He has already previously done a Polaroid a day, and then a field recording a day, now he is going to be doing something with his modular each day. Very excited about this. I believe their will be some appearances from Marcus Fischer who also done a creative project a day for a year. For those of you who don’t know, both these guys were hugely influential in me starting my daily uploads, and still to this day there is a massive spike in my stats whenever they have shared or supported this blog. I am obviously massively grateful.

I hope you enjoy tonights upload and if you don’t know who is in the picture, then you need to play Silent Hill 2, pronto.