December 28th, 2013

Classic combo

Some more playing about with patches based on the Roland SH-101 and Juno-60 synths, both I have previously owned and would probably look into getting in the future.

It’s either due to having used these two types of sounds many times before, or that they are pretty embedded in electronic music and so easy to work with, but there is always a certain type of sound that comes to the top when working this way. The sounds are not complex or overly big, they just compliment each other well I feel. The nice plastic, boinging mono sounds form the 101, and the resonant, mid frequency sounds from the Juno. I have slowly built and tweaked these patches, so expect many more uploads starting from these two patches.

Unlike previously, when creating uploads I worked more in pushing the Nord G1 in the patch and sound itself, these latest uploads are perhaps more focusing on the track or melody. It is a very different way of working when using Cubase to sequence synths, but it is a way that I have very much missed. Familiar habits seem to have crept back in, and it’s a pretty good thing I think.