December 16th, 2013

Dub it! Do it!

So I learned recently that I actually had a fear of succeeding, not failing. At the moment I am not so sure I have made sense of it yet, but when you think about it, it’s kind of stupid.

I guess that we all have a excuse we like to bring out when we are not able to do something, that something is making music in my case, and while that excuse might seem legit, largely it is in our minds, and while it is there, it creates a struggle that is kind of all made up, a struggle we impose on ourselves more than one that is imposed on us.

I occasionally meet people who say how amazing this upload a day is, which is obviously a really nice thing to hear, but the thing that concerns me a little is that while we think of it as amazing, it might seem unreachable, and there are so many things people do everyday without even an effort, that making music each day really should be the easiest of them all. It should be thought of as reachable, as it really is, you just do it.

The worry really comes from is it any good, will people think is it rubbish, or as it seems in my case, if it’s good then what? My excuse gets broken.

I read recently about picking something to do each day of the year that is not risky. This seems a little backwards to me. I mean if you do something that ‘is’ achievable, then where is the achievement really? It would be like saying, ‘this year I will make myself a cuppa every morning’.

As were approach new year, and some of you are thinking about a new years resolution, which you will probably break almost straight away, try to think of something that is hard, think of something that gets you a little worried, something that you think to yourself, ‘I am not so sure I can do that…’ and do that. But don’t wait till the new year, why no just do it now. If your like me and like everything to add up to some silly number or struggle with changing settings on your synth that sit between a line, or have your studio set-up like a mirror, one side reflecting the other and all your chairs are in a line to get that ‘perfect sweet spot’ then start now and then make it official in the new year, but do it for yourself now.

If for no other reason other than there is so much crap music out there, that you owe it to yourself and everyone to put your sounds out there to be heard! Why should your music sit in your studio, sacred, when I have to hear the latest crap trendy mush that seems to fill London, when it could be your awesome music instead.

Give me something to listen to… and make it good, and make it today.

As for a fear of being successful? pffft! I think I will concentrate on just being me.