December 15th, 2013

Out and about, rambles and grumbles.

So recently I have been out and about, something for anyone who knows me is not something I do a great deal… I am going to change that, well actually that’s a lie, I already have decided to change it and have changed. I worked out thats how things are done, just doing it, not planning it, just doing it.

I mean a plan is good and all, but it’s also a way to lie that we are doing something, but we are actually being lazy and just thinking about those ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ and working out secretly in our own minds, without us knowing of course, how we can convince ourselves, and our friends, why we didn’t do that thing in the end.

So it’s about just doing it, and that’s it.

I still catch myself saying I will do something, knowing full well I could do it now. In fact I did it only yesterday, and still have yet to do it. If I was to have done it then, it would be done already. So maybe I will do it tomorrow… ha!

Another thing I found recently was this habit of saying we would change something in the new year. I mean, what is with the whole numbers? Why can’t we just change it now? I think my favourite thought on this is from the British comedian Peter Kay and what he says about dieting, (he’s gotten rather large) he says “I’ll start Monday”… (he’s still large)

Deciding is the best thing I heard, and I forget where I heard it, although I think it was Will Smith talking about turning rock into gold. It’s on YouTube, although be careful you don’t fall into one of those worm holes on YouTube and before you low it you are watching Charlie Sheen talking about something crazy. I like Charlie Sheen though. Actually Will Smith is seen as this raving crazy guy on this video. I guess people don’t get metaphors, and if someone wants to say something to do with positivity, they think they are crazy. You put a person on stage who complains, and we all wanna be that persons friend. We relate to the complaint, but often are not up for moving past it.

Decide, just decide it and it’s done with. I think this works that same as when we find ourselves not doing something because it’s “not what we do”. We say “this is what I do” and yet we do something else anyway. I mean who decided what we do anyway?

You, that’s who.

I remember I used to determined who I was, what I did, by what I earned money at. So, I was a Postman for years. Then I found that people would think of me as the postman, and would talk to me about posting letters, and postman pat, and all this crap I really couldn’t care less about. I left that job years ago, it is not as fun and friendly as Brian Eno thinks it is… sorry Brian.

Someone said to me tonight, “we get back what we put in”, and as much as I think I have heard that many times, in actuality I rarely hear anyone say that, and it is a real joy to hear these words. In that short moment you can tell someone gets it. They get a hunger of doing something, and they are on the edge of doing it, doing something exciting, and they know they will… they hope. I said “do it”. I hope he does.

Today, everything seemed to go wrong. First off I got up late, I traveled to pick up something and nobody showed, I waited for a bus at the wrong stop, well it was the right stop but in the wrong part of London… no idea what I was thinking. I then got this crummy food that I knew I wouldn’t enjoy but got it anyway as I was hungry, I finally sat on the correct bus, upstairs was stuffy and stunk as it was raining, all squashed in their small seats, I sat downstairs and for a moment it seemed calm… then a kid started screaming, a lady sat next to me and squashed me once again, so I decided enough… and I got off the bus… at the wrong stop.

I thought for a second in the fresh air, raining, I could let this get me down even more, as I was pretty pissed by this point, or I can just change it, just decide to change it and things will change, things will be ok. I decided to walk the rest of the way to the venue, still raining, but feeling a little happier. I put my phone away in my pocket, looked up, at which point I nearly got hit by a speeding cyclist on the pavement. Before I even really got a chance to think if my luck was doomed or not, I heard the man behind me yelling, I looked around and saw him running after the cyclist… he had stolen his phone, a recent trend in London. I realised he had probably gone for mine, but just missed… that was lucky, luck after all.

After that I got the venue just in time, bumped into a few people I hadn’t seen in a while, was introduced to a new friendly face, got to know people a little better, and had a really nice evening, even had a drink bought for me.

If we are so easily convinced of believing in bad luck, why not believe in some good for a change.