December 13th, 2013

Antti Rannisto 2


So yesterday I reworked one of Antti Rannisto’s tracks from his album Ääniesineitä. So for todays upload I wanted to carry on exploring this a little more in working on another one from that amazing album. I think this will be the last, as coming this close has a strange feeling that I haven’t worked out yet.

With previous uploads I have shared some similarities and touched upon a similar sound but have never really explored it within the Nord G1 as much as I would have liked. The temptation always is to create something new as apposed to exploring other ideas, but as I have often said before, the closer you get to something, the more the differences seem to stand out. Our perception or expectation shifts, and therefore so does the comparison.

So for todays I have taken a few of the tracks from the album Ääniesineitä and kind of combined elements of each. Using one more for inspiration and sharing a similar sound, certainly in regards to the pulses. The other, a more direct emulation of sorts, with what I hope is enough of a twist to be something ever so slightly different.

Where as before I would take it somewhere entirely new, this time I wanted to stay much closer to the original.

Something that was missing from yesterdays, partly due to my having to rush it before I went out for the evening, is the sound reaching a sharper quality. This is something I have mentioned before as a kind of electronic quality, but more in the sense of being on the circuits boards themselves as apposed to electronic as a genre. Some modular systems, arguably the Doepfer mostly, seems to have this sharp edge that I kind of like, and I feel this is really soothing that can only be achieved outside of the digital world, a world the Nord G1 doe not live in, being an virtual analog machine.

Also, in revisiting this album, I focused again on that sharp pulse click in the kick that I have always loved and have worked with in many of the uploads. For me, much of todays music just sounds dead due to its massively considered sound, and for me personally I like something that kind of tears at the speakers, drives into the walls of the room, and doesn’t sit so perfectly in the mix. The great thing about the pulse, is it having the whole frequency range right there in it, and only a balancing with a dry pulse, envelope and an oscillator, or even just a resonating filter, and you have something very heavy. Headphones yield massive bass, but the speakers more the click, which I love.

Also I noticed again some smearing has occurred due to the mp3 format… the pulse click really exposes this, which is why mp3 is kind of a crap format to listen to music on, although I have to say, I quiet like how it sounds on pulses, in some way.

I have to say this is probably the closet emulation of something else I have probably dared go… and it feels pretty strange listening back. I quite like it… although I suppose that obvious really as it’s not entirely me haha, but it is that which feels odd in some way. It kind of feels like I am pinching some money out of my mums purse to go buy a comic. I want the comic, she probably wouldn’t mind, but you know, there is nothing better than earning that money to buy it yourself.

Anyway, I am still digesting this whole process so I won’t ramble on anymore.

I should say thanks to Antti himself, as he kindly listened to yesterdays version and was very supportive. I hope he, and you, enjoy this version too.