December 7th, 2013



So as you might have realised from the picture I am thinking of getting an Atari STE once again to sequence on. This was a computer that I used back in my teens, and was the first computer I really used for music. Up until that point, like many others, I used pre-midi connections such as trigger, sync, cv + gate and even played live. Remember that? Playing your strings or easy parts?

So I am kind of keen to revisit this set-up, not because of any nostalgic thing, although I am sure it will be fun seeing it all again, but more because a different system allows different ways of working. Back in the time I would have been using the Atari, I would have been young, and had only been writing music for 8 years or so. Still, this would have been very early days and really the beginning of sequencing and created more complex tracks. Well, complex in the way I think of complex anyway.

Another reason I am thinking of getting an Atari, is because it will be a joy to use, make me smile, and ultimately be sat there looking at me saying ‘turn me on’. To me, machines are key in relationships with music creating, and for all the great software out there, and there is loads, and I use lots of it, I rarely have a relationship with it such as I have done with machines. Perhaps the only exception to this is a performance patch me and Lucia have developed for our Mimosa Moize project. One patch that we slowly develop, tweak and perform with, tends to create a familiar setup that has some similarities to a machine. Even when I think of Audiomulch, or Bidule or other such software that I haven’t used in ages, it seems always developed, tweaked regardless whether I use it or not. The next computer I need to use it on, would be a later and so different software and any relationship with it has to be worked at again.

That Atari and Cubase, is still the same.

Todays upload is a small patch in the Nord G1, coming in just under a mere 49.9% cpu. It’s a funky, quirky little groove and I hope you enjoy it. Again, it’s all G1, nothing else.

(Update: A few minutes after finishing this post, I was the lucky winner of an Atari STE. I think it only seems right to do some midi sequencing of the Nord G1 when I get it.)