October 2nd, 2013



It’s been some three months almost to this day since I last shared an upload with you and although there has been a single post since, it wasn’t with audio. That’s going to change today.

So what have I been doing, and where have I been?

Without wanted to go into lots of details, the real situation has been a matter of balance. Balancing time, interests, life, money… always with the money.

It occurred to me that although I often feel like it is only me in this sort of situation, the truth, as we all know, is that everyone is dealing with some matter of sharing their time. Some more than others perhaps, but there is always something to challenge our day as to where and what we should be spending our time on. Someone is always demanding more of our time than we are probably able to give. Eventually something has to give. The thing that gives should NEVER be the thing you love. Cling on to it forever, never let it go and never let anyone tell you that you are done.

I recently was offered a job by someone who said I was never going to “make it” doing music and so instead decided to work for them. Obviously I didn’t take the job offered. Although he is entitled to his opinion, it was not so much the opinion of me that was crazy, but more that some people are so easily able and so willing to tell others to let go, leave your passions behind for something else. Leave them behind for some bullshit that they can value, that they can understand or that they can tell others about. F**K those people. You don’t need them around and you certainly don’t need their opinions. They are a pollution to the whole point of doing something you love. Never give up, never agree that your done.

I have a wallpaper on my computer that says “Work Fucking Harder”. I think I can never be reminded enough.

I have another one on my phone that says “Be Fucking Bold”.

I work as hard as I can, but believe I can still work harder, the other one, well I am working on it, although my hair is falling out probably due to the first one so who knows…

Tonights upload, bass, hiss, fuzz, bass and more bass. It’s been a while so I hope you enjoy it.