June 17th, 2013

Familiar Dream

Waking early from a sleep that never really seemed consistent, I was feeling the atmosphere had changed outside. A warmer and yet cooler day, undecided much like my sleepy images that still wandered around in my mind.

I remember needing to catch a train within a maze of tunnels, lifts that never reached their destination and staircases in threes, all twisted together not leading up nor down.

The white wardrobe that I remember as a child, always full of a combination of disorganised history. Each object telling a story of a time before, with this time holding a collection of hanging sweaters.

I lay awake undecided if I should get out of bed, or attempt further sleep, while pondering the significants of a collection of assorted sweaters. Perhaps I should make a coffee?

It seems to me that each sweater holds within its design, colour and material a moment captured in history. Could a sweater be something pointing to a specific time? A sweater only changed when time moves on. A sweater that is always worn is perhaps done so by someone who never moves on at all, or never needs to. We don’t pick sweaters for any one specific reason, and yet looking back through time in the white wardrobe, each sweater told a story of who I was, but perhaps more importantly who I am today.

Today I desire sweaters that are all the same, or at the very least clothing in general that needs no picking from. Nothing distinguisable from another. I am not sure what this says about me today. Perhaps I needed a coffee?

It was 6:30AM and I decided to get up, make a coffee and create something.

Todays upload is a variation on this mornings dreamy creation, one that is perhaps more dremay than the first. Not there is anything wrong with te first, but while creating it I felt the need to organise. Perhaps it was the confusion in the dream that insisted it.

The studio has been reorganised, tidied, it feels clean, I can reach things, I can see things. I think back over the previous studio set-ups and ponder again the importance of a layout. It’s structure always changing with a new addition and so often the setup is disrutped due to this and needs to be tweaked. Much like the stack of history pilled up in the white wardrobe, what is not seen or can be reached is forgotten and not used. My Nord Rack 2 is still not plugged in for the need of a box, cable or two. It sits there, not being used, I need to change this.

Todays upload was created using no Nords, but a chord sound on my Akai originally provided by Mike Oliver of Remote_, a single bass note on the 303 and the bass drum and classic clicks from the 606, all run through some nice effect units. I am also dedicating this one to someone who was in my mind while making this, and who has had a rough last few days. Finn Albertsson get well soon.