May 29th, 2013

Nord Modular G1 Roland TR-808 Patches


So here is a special one for all you Nord Modular G1 one fans, and those of you who always wanted a Roland TR-808, or like me had one, and bloomin sold it…(sigh).

Todays upload comes created with the newly available and revised patches emulating this classic machine. Available I hear you say? Yes, pop on over the patches page, and download all three patches, all I ask is you do something awesome with them and tell me all about it.

Yesterdays upload also used these patches, albeit tweaked a little. Today’s uses it right out of the box (well you might have to alter one of the midi split, I noticed I forgot to change it back).

The hats are a pain to get right, I still haven’t nailed it, but they are perhaps more useable than some previous efforts. They are all in one patch based on the metal sounds of the hats and cymbal sounds.

Todays upload comes with a little delay and lots of reverb, like all great demos of any equipment seems to…my excuse is I have been busy working on various web jobs and my forthcoming label SM-LL, and hardly used my new Reverb unit at all.

Well, enough of me, go listen to the dowload and use those patches, and if you haven’t bought a Nord Modular G1 yet, well what are you waiting for.