May 27th, 2013

Head Space

Something that I have been reminded of yet again over these past months is head space, the time to think, the time to dream and the time that creates those first steps in making that plan happen.

As is often the case when things in our life change, we are reminded of those things that matter most. We are pushed and pulled into places we don’t want to be. We are insisted by life that we do the things that are easier. We must stand for what we believe in, what we wish to do, and how we wish to do it.

I have always believed that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right. And that is not to say doing whatever in the right way, but doing the right thing the right way. Nobody else is going to make things happen the way you can make it happen, and we need to stick to it, against all odds and do what it is that is calling us, begging us to do.

This week I am going to do something that I believe needs doing. It might go wrong, it might be the wrong time, I might have problems ahead, hell, I hope I have problems ahead, big tough problems. I would sooner have the problems as a rsult of doing this thing, than the age old problem of never had done it…and then what?

It is worth drawing out all the things you have, those objects you own, those people you have close, those acheivments you are so proud of, draw them on a piece of paper, tell yourself or another the stories behind them. Then ask yourself how you got these things? What choices did you make? what risks did you take? Who was supportive and who was against you? Look at these stories, remember these stories and move forward with the confidence that the next big risk is no more a risk than all those that came before. In actualaity, it’s going to be easy, and nothing can stop you.