Snd 456

Sleep on it

Fourth attempt at writing something, many attempts at creating something tonight to share, but not really satisfied with my commitment.

There is one thing that is always a good idea… sleep on it.

Update: I have realised that creating an upload everyday with my current studio setup is actually stopping me workng on tracks, or being able to finish tracks, which is far more important to me than, well, anything else.

So, I have decided to stop the daily uploads.

I failed at making it a second year, sorry for those who were looking forward to this. While typing this now I feel it is a good thing. I was a bit concerned, but know realise this is right.

Although I failed, I am pleased I give it a go, but really more interested in working on tracks again. To be able to work for long amounts of time on something will increase the quality and also my ability in focusing my time on what is important. And also this is jut basically what I want. I think it shows in the recent uploads too, some of the early one this year where quite exciting medlodic things, I quite like them, but know they are getting poor in my view, and I know I am not enjoying it, and I can tell I would sooner be working on something else, or spending time making some more finished to share on Soundcloud, which is being negletced.

There is a possibility that I might upload something again in the future, but I have a sneaking feeling deep down inside of me that says I am done with it… for now, ceratinly.

I want to thank everyone who has followed my uploads, and continue to enjoy them, who I have met through them, and especially those people who have bought red equipment because of me :)

Keep your eyes and ears peeling for better music elsewhere from me.



Snd 455

Latex Doppleganger

So after another long days work, I want to do another upload. After the third attempt, a break and some tasty rice noodles courtesy of the love Lucia, I finally got something basic that seemed ok. Quite the typical dub sound I suppose, but this is something that I would say generally I don’t do much of and wanted to explore this Prophet 5 patch a little more. Fat, thick chord sounds are really a massive joy with this patch, and it’s surprising how much a sound pulls you to a certain idea of sound in a genre or an artist.

Creating something that has similarities is often something I have been interested in, not so much the idea of ripping someone off, or wanting to be part of something, but more in the sense of finding some common interests and workings in other peoples music. I wonder if the confusion of ‘sounding like x’ is something that comes partly through everyones slightly different idea of similarity. For example, one persons idea of something could be a complete opposite of another. Or maybe where as one person thinks of genre and write towards that, another uses genre as a way to allow a listening experience to be contextualised and does very little in actively engaging or chasing in a said genre.

Personally I am probably partly the latter, but certainly don’t shy away from trying to understand another persons sound through action. I often find it amusing where artists will not see any point in wanting to sound like someone else. Although, I would have to agree, delivering something as a release that sounds like someone else is slightly unusual, obviously depending on how it is done, but that in itself has something interesting in it.

It’s a complex issue, and probably one far to mixed up to think about with much sense, considering it is nearly 1:30AM here in London. Suffice to say, I value the idea of exploring all sound creation techniques.

Actually one thing that comes to mind, is when hearing cover versions of classic tracks, and often these are created and copied in such a way that the sounds and elements all seem to be slightly off. I wonder if this is due to the person copying, is spending more time creating a similar type of sound, but not adjusting those copied sounds to work as well. To explain that a little more, for me, often the track is formed out of the sound or visa versa. A baseline is adjusted so have a certain weight on certain notes for example, so if these things are missed, the sounds actually used are better suite for something else entirely. I think what I am trying to get at, there is something of a way of copying, or understanding something, how it works, why something is the way it is, over just simply the same notes and similar sounds. You get this kind of artificial humanoid type quality, a latex doppleganger, perfect in everyday expect not skin.

Hmmm… time for sleep I think. Enjoy the upload.


Snd 454

Habbits (i shoulda done some tones instead)

Another quick upload tonight, again my day seems to have slipped by. It just goes to show how much it takes to form habits sometimes, and even still creating a daily upload is not quite habit formed yet. I wonder why that is? I remember to brush my teeth each day, more than once, or make a coffee, and yet creating an upload is not as easy… perhaps it is simply that it is not as easy.

I also noticed Taylor Deupree has not started his uploads either, I believe he is working on his studio. I am quite interested if he lets it slide now the beginning of the year has passed, or if he can start having missed a few days. I always sense as humans we are dedicated to a sort of system, rounding up, starting in a new year, when really anytime we start or stop should be fine. I for one hope he does start very soon, even if it is a few tones put together on his kitchen table :)

Do it Taylor. Your tones are some of the best there are.

In-fact that is what I should have done tonight myself, instead of this weird little groove. I think I will do this in the future, a sort of get out of jail free card, if all else fails, or a bit tired… sine tones, they sound great.

A quirky sound, not great, but that is how it rolls sometimes. Lesson learned. :)


Snd 453

Simple Prophet 5 layers

A quick upload tonight as it has been a long but exciting day.

Some simple bass, chord and rhythmical layering on with the Prophet 5 based Nord Modular G1 patch. It really doesn’t compare to the actual Prophet 5, with what I have heard being extremely rewarding to the ears. What this patch does have those is immediate interesting sounds texture that make creating little ideas a joy.

It does bring to mind again the importance of characteristics in a machine, and how that forms an artist, genre and more. More and more I am starting to see companies, smaller ones, focusing on sound flexibility, quality and creating something remarkable. It is a rewarding site that is already replacing the mass markets tendency to appeal to any cheese party with more money than sense.

With the return of vinyl, quality music emerging again, rubbish music finding its home next to the latest internet trend, and amazing machines being created, things are looking pretty amazing. It’s difficult to always see it, but there are many people about these days, important people, making amazing stuff, so its possible we are approaching a golden era of great music once again.

Let us hope so.


Snd 452

Dreaming of a Prophet 5


So recently I realised I have never properly listened to or played on some classic synths. One in particular that has caught my fancy recently is by Sequential called the Prophet 5.

I have heard the Pro-One used in lots of Vince Clarke stuff, and know how amazing that synth is, although have never played about on one of those either. The Prophet 5 is a whole other beast.

For some reason, classic synths such as these, I generally and simply put out of mind, in the belief that I would never, ever be able to afford such a beautiful selection of machines. And it is likely for this reason that I have probably not ventured more into the details of their sound.

Recently I have realised that things can come true, and generally do, if we are wise enough to see them and believe in it like we did when we were kids. I think much of the time we tend to grumble about stuff, complain, and ‘act like adults’, even if that means being boring. We say we are kids at heart, but when reality hits home we stand up and be the person we need to be. We tend to get sucked along by the push for this and that, and it can be difficult to stop and try and look at things a little differently. The difficulty comes through even when we think we have worked it out, we realise we haven’t at all, and this whole process starts all over again. The efforts and promises we make to do something, to change, to be better, to save money, to write more music etc, all basically comes around to bite us and we spend the next few weeks justifying it to friends that we changed our mind and yada yada yada (I noticed I yada yada a lot since watching Seinfield)

So, I decided something today, something partially inspired by Andreas Tilliander and his incredible activity in 2013, and specifically his buying only one big piece of equipment that year… in his case an Arp 2600… that I would buy myself a Prophet 5 at the end of the year as a gift to myself for achieving all the things I have set out for myself… which there are many. For me to get this Prophet 5 I basically need to be really excellent this year in many ways… but thinking of that Prophet 5 sat in front of me… wow! what a pay off that would be come December. Just like a kid, or certainly as I did as a kid, I am dreaming of this synth, it will come true… and oddly enough I actually did dream of this synth all last night :)

The clincher for me was being able to hear what I am told is a reasonably accurate software emulation provided by Arturia. As all emulations, having heard and owned some originals, are basically as good as they are able to create to their own platform, i.e. the computer. Those micro details, flaws, characteristics are always lost in emulations, and these are to my experience what make the real deal that more interesting. It is a living thing, it does things it shouldn’t and you build that all important relationship with that thing. I am sorry, I can’t build a god relationship with something that I can delete as easily as I can accidentally. You try accidentally deleting a Prophet 5 sat in your studio.

Anyway… I suggest if you haven’t done so already, to go listen to the Prophet 5, or your favourite synth, and go and get one sometime, someday specific.

So tonights upload is a Nord Modular patch based somewhat on the very interesting configuration of the Oscillators in the Prophet 5. Oscillator B is controlling the filter, and along with some limitations the Prophet 5 enforces, that sounds it creates are ever more sweeter to my ears. Expect many more Prophet 5 based synth sounds.



Snd 451

Reduce the noise

A new year, and the first upload of 2014 I decided would be in reference to the very first upload of 2012. A delicate, textured melodic sound inspired by the great work at 12k from their various artists.

This is one patch, playing only a few simple notes. Trying to reach some texture and quiet is always tricky with oscillators, as they tend to want to be pure and defined. Through a combination of oscillating filters, a bit of noise on the pitch, and the very use eq module, it’s not bad.

It has given me some ideas of how to create chord-like sounds through using less modules but specific filtering. I will see if that works out in another upload.

12k is apparently ending its forum, which if true would be a real shame. Maybe it will stay a little longer, I guess time will tell.

I have often thought of setting up my own forum for my label SM-LL, and the only real reason I hadn’t done so already, was I would sooner hang out at the 12k one, but I guess if that goes then I will certainly be seriously considering it. There are some great forums out there, but what I liked about the 12k one was its size. A small and familiar place, kinda like a friends house or your favourite local. I will keep you posted on any forum I set up.

Enjoy the first upload of 2014.


Snd 450


Crazy, another year has flown by.

Did you get all those things done that you wanted to this year? I didn’t… but did you start them? now that’s a start.

I guess many of you are thinking about a New Years resolution, and why not, it’s a fun thing to do. Although perhaps the best one you can think of, is deciding to be able to change who you are anytime of the year not just once each year. To improve yourself, be a better person and help others every single day of your life. Just think of it, would that be amazing. Think where you would be this time next year.

The reason I often go on about this stuff, is for me, be able to make music when I want, or ‘finding the time’ to make music, (heard that one before?) is a recurring decision. It’s not a struggle, or a problem, it’s a decision we make to ether do it… or not. To put it at the top of the list, or let it slide. The decision to find some time in the day dedicated to creating music, or simply doing nothing is something we need to decide. If you are like me, often the decision and action goes against what we really want. We want to spend all day making music and yet we probably spend only a fraction of the week doing it.

If you are to change one thing next year, let it be that you put your passion first above anything else.… and I mean anything and everything. As that passion is something that we easily let slip away and we become only a small fragment of the person we could be, and this is not fair on us or the people we love. We want to be the best person for everyone, and O believe that means making a decision to do what we love.

Put it in your head, and find a way to make it work. It is as simple as that. It might take years, but thats only years in a life of time.

Quit your smoking or your bad habits if you like, but why not put your passion first too. If you don’t know one else can. And if like me you have been putting off one way or another, doing the one thing that really matters, then make it now that this changes, make it now you put it first. Put yourself and your passions first, then go help someone else find theirs. :)

Well, thanks to everyone who has supported me, emailed me, become friends, met me, all the amazing things from this blog, thank you for it all, and let make more of it.

Happy New Year to you and all those you care about. And see you tomorrow for the beginning of another year of daily Nord G1 uploads.